interior basement drainage systems and those who install them

They lie to you, they misrepresent your actual problem(s) or are simply incompetent aka don’t know how to diagnose your leaky basement.
They’ll try and tell you several moronic things (lies!) such as… you have a hydrostatic pressure problem under the basement floor that only their lousy, cheap system can solve.

Or they’ll tell you the drain tiles, weeping tiles on the exterior are clogged and that is why you leak/seep where the bottom of basement wall meets the floor. They’ll tell you no need for exterior waterproofing because they can install new drains tiles and a sump pump inside, crap like that.
Here’s an interior system, they installed new drain tiles and sump pump…

Here’s another, more mold, efflorescence, still leak!

Interior perimeter system lool

Not my video, lady still getting water in basement spent $$$$ on interior junk

The key to solving leaky basements is, correct diagnosis and NOT being a lying con as most are! YES they are sheesh.

If you get water in basement in one, two + areas AND let’s say you have drywall/paneling against wall then you need to remove some of it in order to correctly help you identify ummm diagnose your problem(s).

Only other means one can do if you don’t want to remove a bit of drywall is, take a hose and lay it a few inches away from your foundation wall, directly on the outside of where you FIRST get–see water inside. Don’t soak anything above grade, not a basement window, not a basement window sill etc, just run the water against the top of foundation wall, down for up-to… 30–40 minutes and see if you begin to get water in.

Following videos are why most basements leak, seep and may get some mold, efflorescence on inside wall. NO interior basement drainage system aka pressure relief system and sump pump repairs/waterproofs any exterior crack or other direct openings into your wall/house. Also note— most interior system companies will place some cheap paneling etc against part or most of the inside of your wall, all that does is HIDE, conceal water, mold, cracks possibly widening etc It’s because of these exterior cracks etc that water gets in! Has nothing to do with drain tiles!!!

Same house Grosse Pointe Park :45—1:20 see deterioration? C’mon on folks.

Now see what the inside foundation wall looked like, you don’t see the cracked parging, you don’t see the deteriorating, cracked bricks, mortar joints etc on the INSIDE do ya! … you do see some mold, efflorescence

Stop allowing these con artists to lie to you, cheat you out of $$$ sheesh! You need to find someone to identify and then fix your problem that is not a crook and most of the people in this business are either crooks or incompetent, yes they are, guarantee ya! Take some TIME, have some patience and find someone experienced and honest.

Exterior, repeat… exterior cracks in block foundation wall. These cracks were not visible on the inside of the wall! NOT because there was drywall/paneling against the wall, NO! Because many of these exterior cracks in block, brick foundation walls don’t always penetrate, crack on the inside so don’t let these misfits say, Oh there’s no cracks or deterioration etc, they full of crap.

Horizontal, vertical cracks etc… this is where-why-how water gets INTO the hollow bock wall and drain tiles have NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! looloolll 1:55 drain tiles? Shave test-ies? OOOOOoooooOOOOOooooooh bad boy

Poured foundation wall here, homeowner previously hired a contractor from CHURCH lol, watch video and see what they did and did not do…and where is that contractor now, he never came back!!
Dan Marino’s cousin loll

Rochester, block wall, homeowner was getting water ONLY where the BOTTOM of the wall meets the basement floor!!! Here is what the inside of wall looked like

Rochester, outside of wall, same corner, water was getting in through those openings and it CAUSED what you saw in last video on the inside, oh yes indeedy!

Now ALL our videos, our jobs… 40 years… rarely replaced any DRAIN TILE! No leaky basements hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Underground TREE ROOT, this was not the only root against, along the foundation walls. GEE. how would installing any interior system remove any root off a wall, how would they repair/waterproof these exterior cracks and stop the water from entering… mold, efflorescence, c’’’’’'mon peeps!

Same house as last video, Eastpointe MI, owner previously hired nitwit who didn’t bother to waterproof TO the corner and backfilled with the SAME CLAY SOIL! Truly stupid contractor that COST homeowner MONEY $$$ !!!

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t get your leaky driveway side waterproofed on the outside, more lies n nonsense. They’ll try n tell you you have to remove the entire driveway or all the slabs along the wall, nope. As you can see it can be SAW-CUT… you lose about 18" pfft… you want it done right or you want to leak, have mold, efflorescence etc?
Listen to the HOMEOWER about MUDJACKING slabs…

Same house, mudjacking slabs, caulked along the perimeter of house, driveway and the cost $$

Same house, part of where-why-how water was getting in

How about a crawlspace, some crawls problems, water in crawl are… in-part or all because of what you see open here on the outside and no interior system repairs any of this, would deteriorate more

This homeowner wasn’t going to sit around after hiring one of the interior NITWIT companies who CHEATED him and his family, he sued and won… many of his articles/stories here
…"Gross negligence, lies, shoddy workmanship, rip off, worthless waterproofing FREE INSPECTION, misleading contract, misleading sales pitch, basement waterproofing incompetence, buyer beware, useless interior drainage system, misleading proposal… and so on, sad mfrs in this business…many of 'em!

Hmm, is she Mr. Mueller’s wife, sister? lol Okay more interior system rip offs, Aqua Dri, Thrifty waterproofing, Water Shield waterproofing ===SCAM! Quite a few homeowners here RIPPED OFF

They are having the Home & Garden show here starting Feb 2 until the 11th at the IX center (by the airport). There will be numerous booths of the inferior water systems, so called foundation experts misleading the consumers and my buddy and yours Gary Sullivan in attendance selling more inferior products like gutter brush and EZ breathe.

I have a extra ticket, will pay for your parking and will buy you lunch if you come down and we can have a blast. I like to go to the gutter cover booths when there are a large amount of spectators and turn the hose up from the trickle they have it on. Then the water shoots past the small opening in the cover and gutter and all spectators go to the next booth.

I really get worked up when I go to B -dri, Ohio basement waterproofing and I start talking to people and explain, they leave everything wrong outside, drill holes in the walls, bring the water in and reconnect to old most likely failed drainage. And cover up old, porous masonry foundations with the water panels so it can retain water and degrade the structure. For the price they charge you can fix portions of the exterior causing the problems. (Fix the freaking outside, why is it so hard for some to grasp)

Common down, we can post a U tube video :slight_smile:


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Nice younger woman here, a realtor… she previously always hired interior system scammers, now she doesn’t… why? Because for the first time she saw what REALLY happens to the exterior of a foundation wall. She wasn’t happy with previous buttheads, thought they overcharged and just didn’t totally understand why they were installing interior systems for leaky basements.
INSIDE basement, water on floor, it all came onto the floor where the bottom of the basement wall meets the floor!

Now outside, where-why-how that water first got INTO the hollow block, she saved $$ AND stopped the water from where it reallllllllly entering
See the exterior cracks that do NOT get repaired/waterproofed when you install ANY type of interior basement system? Huh? lol
If you don’t STOP water then you won’t stop/prevent mold, efflorescence on inside basement walls.