S tiles, ridge cap

New construction home.

The ridge cap tiles did not have visible nails on either side. Should they be nailed as well as set in mortar?


Personally, I think they should, especially in areas subject to high winds, such as here with our Santa Ana winds, and there in Texas with your hurricanes, tornados (sp-tornadoes? ), and those wonderful afternoon wind-driven thunderstorms. However, roofing contractors here disagree with me, so I quit calling it out as a defect and, instead, simply recommend annual roof maintenance. I’ll let the roofing contractors fight it out over that one. As my business attorneys, real estate attorneys, and insurance providers told me, “If it’s common and the appropriate professionals in those other industries approve of it, then just recommend annual maintenance before the rainy/wind season hits.” I’ve been doing that now since February 2002 and have had no problems or regrets.

When I was doing roofs in Corpus Christi, Kingsville, and Victoria, my crew and I used nails and mortar for the ridge rows. Perhaps that’s why the homes we did have survived the various hurricanes that arrived after we left. :smiley:

Hi Linda,

They used the wrong tiles on those hip ridges, the tiles with the holes in the sides are for rake edge installation, the ones for the ridges have nail holes at the top so that the heads are covered by the head-lap of the tile above.



Gerry’s right!

Excerpt from R905.3.7 Perimeter tiles shall be fastened with a minimum of one fastener per tile.

Is the ridge not the intersection of 2 plane’s perimeter?

I say yes it is and yes fasteners are required and so do BEST PRACTICE instructions.

If you don’t have these already get your free copies here.

The weight of these tiles brings up another question.

This is the first time I have seen the tiles installed on a 2x4 truss roof system. In the past I have seen stick construction, 2x10’s or 2x12’s. OSB decking was used.

This is an upscale builder, $300k+ range. The houses under construction in the area looked the same. Not in city limits, tho.
Thanks for all the input,

Those look like a universal hip/ridge or rake tile to me. I would bet that there is a nail pattern located at the head of the tile, which may or may not actually be nailed in place, prior to being cemented in with mortar.

I used tiles like that from Vande Hey Raleigh concrete tile company and at least 2 other manufacturers also.