Tile Roof Question

Todays home was built in 2006. The hip and ridge tiles appear to be rake tiles and were only secured with mortar. Many of them were very loose and could actually be picked up.

My question is should the rake tiles along the hips and ridges be replaced with ridge tiles? There are a bunch of them, the home is 5,000 sq-ft and should they be secured with fasteners as well?

Thanks in advance.

roof photo 3.JPG

roof photo 3.JPG

house pic.JPG

roof photo 1.JPG

roof photo 2.JPG

I’m thinking, describe what you see and refer a qualified roofing professional to it and get off the roof before you break any (more?). :smiley:

Maybe they’re cheaper? Maybe they always have extra?

These were fastened with adhesive. I called the method, but not as a defect, just mentioned that the adhisive might not be designed for this application and they should check the warranty (new home).