Safety In General

First, may all MEMBERS be kept safe by the allmighty home inspector, whom ever he or she may be now, in this NEW YEAR.I ask for a continuation here of a previous question that was out of place in another message that asked about exaust fans.QUESTIONWhat information can we discuss as it relates to the wearing of personal protective equipment, during any inspectipns, and what does the inspector suggest.I did read of someone who explained their experiences while working around live wires.

Well, I am still new at HI, but on my former job at a steel co. I was on the safety team. From what I have seen, there are 3 areas to be concerned with for safety when doing Home Inspections.

  1. The roof, be sure to have the proper type of shoes on for walking up there and tie off your ladder so a sudden gust of wind doesn’t knock it over. also, you should check the attic area first, to have an idea of the roof condition, not a good idea to walk on rotted sheathing.

  2. Electrical panel, leather gloves and safety glasses and read some of the articles Joe brought back to the top about removing the panel cover. (under electrical)

  3. The lower crawl space, coveralls, safety glasses, breathing protection for sure. a hat/helmet, knee pads, boots, gloves, extra flashlight, as I am finding out there could be anything under there!

beyond that always have your cell phone with you and a first aid kit in your vehicle. Seems like on this job you could be working by yourself quite a bit, especially if you are one of the fellows that have the master key to let yourself in to these new homes, (forget what the key is called) the last thing you want to do is get hurt or stuck in a jam with out help nearby. let’s see what else other’s can add. Remember…you can never be “too safe”


Marcel:) :slight_smile:

Videos here showing electrical safety items for anyone who wants to become aware of some of the hazards associated with energized electrical systems.

Always pay attention, and please respect electricity, it is always right.

Depends on the equipment and how exhaustive an inspection one performs.

Real info on PPE starts on page 2

#1 Rule when others are present. ALL are emphatically instructed to maintain 10’-3m away from my personal space, I own the ruler, while I’m removing or have the cover/deadfront off and I won’t carry on a conversation, PERIOD.

This hopefully puts them in another room.

I remind them photos will be provided with the report.

In the noninvasive inspections you have defined in the SOP, I doubt there is much PPE you really need. I would still have good shoes, safety glasses, a bump cap and some work gloves. The heat in attics will probably keep you in natural fabrics.