Best gloves for the electrical inspection?

Hello all,

I was curious what gloves you all prefer to wear for the inspection of the electrical system. I know any type of work gloves are suited for most of the inspection, but want the protection that is necessary for the electrical inspection. Thanks!

Gloves are for girlz:D

Worry about your feet and not your hands.
Direct contact with the earth will kill you fast. Yep!

I don’t wear gloves. I also don’t put my hand into an electrical distribution panel.
Just saying

Roy is correct. Gloves would be too cumbersome. Imaging dropping a deadfront on a new hardwood floor.

We use the deadfront magnet handles from Inspector Outlet

I find those a pain in the a*ss.

Thinking about my feet makes the most sense. I will probably also give the magnets a try. I have yet to wear gloves because I feel safer with total control of my hands, but it is always a thought in my mind. I appreciate all the help. Have a great day!


I also have the magnets in my bag on stand by.

I wear a thick rubber glove on my left hand and apply pressure until fasteners are out just to be safe .Its when removing fasteners I have the concern .Who cares what guys here think. Do what feels safe .

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Thanks for all the advice. I’ll probably use a combination of ideas to cover all bases. Have a great day.

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LOL, Nop not this woman! to combersome, dont want to accidently drop on some expensive floor.