Sales Tax

Wanted to know which states require you to charge a sales tax and the amount?

renton,washington 9.5%

??? Why are you charging sales tax? It is not required for services in Washington.

They’re trying to get it passed in California. We’ll see if it passes or not.

Not here

Hawaii has 4.1 percent general exicise tax on everything.

You don’t charge sale tax on inspection services, do you?

Tax free in NH

“Live Free Or Die”

WV is pushing the issue. I know it sounds nuts but I cant get through to them.

Well i have been thru this a couple times… and I did not used to charge sales tax but I do understand it now I believe a home inspection does need to be sales taxed. A inspection report is a service and a tangible item.

Just as a contractor or a photographer would I believe a Home inspector needs to add sales tax to a inspection.
Correct me if I am wrong…(please)

This is what Washington says
“Generally, a retail sale is the sale of tangible personal property. It is also the sale of services such as installation, repair, cleaning, altering, improving, construction, and decorating. Other services include improving real or
personal property, amusement and recreational activities,
lawn maintenance, and physical fitness activities.”

Steve if you can make it clear to me I dont charge sales tax I would be glad to stop paying it!!
And charging it!

I’m not going to search for it right now but I have a confirmation email from the state saying that I’m not required to charge sales tax.

Kevin, that would be cool
Becuase again, since this thread I have been researching again and just cannot confirm that thru any info the state has published.

Apparently, I’ve deleted the email somehow, probably during a Windows re-install. Call the DOR, they’ll confirm it for you.

Thanks though,K.

Because of the classification a home inspector falls under in the stave of WV, we are required to collect sales tax on our service. We are not service professionals in the states eyes, and we are not required by law to be contractors. It’s clear, collect it and pass it on so Gov. Manchin can build another road to his house…lol

I know this is an old thread, but I just confirmed that you do not charge sales tax in WA per the DOR.

Just confirmed you do not in WA

Services subject to sales tax | Washington Department of Revenue

My doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc do not charge sales tax on their services … Why would we?

We in Canada charge sales tax for inspections , Ontario is 13 % varies in other provinces .