Sample letter inspectors can send to real estate agents offering them free CE.

Here are the cards:

Thumbs Up!

I love the idea of free ceu’s for all my realtor friends, but I serve Minnesota and Wisconsin. Will the program extend to those states soon?

Joe Lundequam


What about Virginia?

We already applied and are waiting for the approval letter.

We have about 30 approvals now:

I’m curious about Maine?

We applied for approval in Maine. Waiting on them.

Thanks Nick.

I had my own letter, but I like your way better.

Thank you for the update.


Posting to remember this…


Great letter. Do the courses apply in Ontario, Canada for realtors?

I’m hoping you are working on Idaho also. Looks like a great program.

Any idea when the program will extend to MN and WI?

Looking for but cannot find the list of states that approve the CE courses. Is Louisiana approved?

There is a section in that list them and the “location” tab of lists them.

I noticed there isn’t a selection for the state of Kansas, is their a reason to that?