Sanibel strap/connector

Is there a consensus on what rating a Sanibel strap should receive on the wind mitigation form? Clip? Single wrap? Double wrap? Has anyone battled with an underwriter regarding the rating of this type of connector- and if yes, was was the final determination?

I believe the final determination was a single wrap.

I have always been told it was a single wrap strap also.

Just curious…who determined that? The insurance industry or the construction industry (or testing authority)? The whole Wind Mitigation program is a farce and has been since the beginning.

Reinspectors give it a double wrap, which is what it should get.


Depends who you ask, earlier in the thread an underwriter gave it single wrap.

Question regarding the classification: Who can verify the nail count for attachment? Without photographic verification it would be incorrect to classify anything but “other” (no discount) or “toe nails-does not meet minimal conditions of b or c.”

According to Bill York 2012 1802 updated manual, " Sanibel Straps are conscidered double wrap". You cannot argue that. Send me an email request and I can copy you a the text to include with your report.

Unfortunately, “other” is probably the only option on the new form. This should be backed up with comments since the wall connection usually cannot be verified. Let them decide.

That would directly contradict Bill York instructions, I will foward him your suggestions.

I agree, Dennis, but this is the first recent interpretation I’ve heard on a sanibel. Can you post that manual page or send me a PM. Thanks.

I posted a link to his course. you can send me an email and ill copy u the reference

Thank you Dennis for the reference.

It is a double wrap according to the manufacturer.
See this post for the spec sheet.

I agree

Here is the NOA from Miami-Dade County should someone need it…


On the new form, it’s clear that it’s a double wrap

** **D. Double Wraps
** **Metal Connectors consisting of 2 separate straps that are attached to the wall frame, or embedded in the bond beam, on either side of the truss/rafter where each strap wraps over the top of the truss/rafter and is secured with a minimum of 2 nails on the front side, and a minimum of 1 nail on the opposing side, or

** **Metal connectors consisting of a single strap that wraps over the top of the truss/rafter, is secured to the wall on both sides, and is secured to the top plate with a minimum of three nails on each side.

I did not see the term ‘sanibel strap’ on the engineering document.

Where did this term come from?

Sanibel? :stuck_out_tongue: