Straps or clips??

I know I’ve seen this type of strap posted here before, but I can remember what the determination was. They are straps that wrap competely around the truss with on visible nail on each side.




Looks like a santibel strap

Double wrap

Thanks John.

I remembered seeing that, but forgot what the classification was.


What year was that home built?

Not really a Sanibel, but close enough…double wrap. Simpson H16 is likely what that is.

Home was built in 1994.

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Sure looks like it only has 2 nails into the truss - Does it meet the minimal conditions to qualify?

According to the form…NO.
But a strap that wraps over the top of the truss and is nailed on both sides into the top plate does qualify as a double wrap, and the exact wording on the form should not apply in this case, (3 nails into the truss) as this type of strap doesn’t gain its uplift rating from the nails into the truss, but from the nails into the top plate.

Go to the thread, the noa and spec sheet are there. I know, I posted them.

What thread would that be? And is that NOA enough to override the form requirement of the minimal conditions to qualify for B C or D attached to the truss with a minimal of three nails.

Selection D(2) trumps the minimum requirement of 3 nails on the truss. No need for a NOA.

“[FONT=TimesNewRomanPSMT][size=2]Metal connectors consisting of a single strap that wraps over the top of the truss/rafter, is secured to the wall on both sides, and is secured to the top plate with a minimum of three nails on each side.”

Just on the form - I don’t see anything that says the minimal conditions for A, B, C or D don’t apply to that section.

I have taken all the classes, try to keep up with the accepted practices as discussed by the guys on this thread, who appear to take a very professional approach, but I just don’t see it in this case.

Is this part of the current teachings? (Maybe I should go over the NACHI course again?) Has anyone ever had one of these kicked back?

Double wrap:

This is why you need to attach the diagram I posted previously to the wind mit report. It shows how this strap is attached, which, conforms to the double wrap designation.

And no, I have never had one kicked back when submitting the form as stated previously.

The graphic of the connector would be helpful to include in the report to show the attachment better. I don’t see too many of these in my area and can’t comment on denials, but I do remember the guidelines for reinspectors said that these cannot be submitted as double wraps unless the WALL connection was visible to show the 3 nails on each side of the top plate or bond beam.

Another little thing that no one has touched on is the fact that true Sanibels have more than a 1/2" gap from the truss at the wall connection. Those straps go out at almost a 45 degree angle. I guess that minimum requirement is also trumped be D(2).

Sanibel Straps.jpg