Saving the courses I take

I would like to save the complete courses I take on my external hard drive so that I may reference them anytime I wish without having to go through the whole take the course process. Is there anyway to do this.
Like just downloading the complete html file or something similar.
It would be great just to be able to open the course right from my own drive to find the answer to something I learned and maybe forgot. I would use them like reference books when I wanted to be sure of something.
Any advice on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated. :mrgreen:

Ben or Nick ? anyone please help. I love the info and wish to have it at my constant disposal for reference only pourposes.

The only way it’s gonna happen, is if you cut & paste every page.

What’s so difficult with logging in to Nachi? Takes me all of 10 seconds.

thanks. it is not difficult I would just like to keep it on my hard drive. with vista I just start to type a word and the files pop up. I would have it all in one place and could access it in a second. Thanks for the help.

What you are seeking is available on

They laid out and converted all our courses to searchable, storeable, printable (8.5" x 11") pdf formats for exactly the purposes you described. They are only $9.99.

Is this something new? Haven’t heard about this. Didn’t see it the last time I was at InspectorOutlet.

Maybe since the beginning of they year. They went through many of our inspection course and painstakingly reformatted each one so that members could take them with them on their inspections for reference.

They also created a DVD with all our inspection graphics on them so that members could bring them on their inspections. Especially useful to members who generate their reports on-site.

Yep, knew about, and have the graphics CD. Wasn’t aware of the downloadable courses.