Hundreds of Free Courses

Thanks to all who posted sites on the web. I have put it on one spot on the net for my students and was asked to post it here. Hope these are of benefit to everyone. I simply put these on the web, many people took the time to research each link, and I thank each one. Many links came directly from past posts on this link! NYS does not recognize these courses for CE Credit, but I know that NACHI does and many are viable, informative courses. Hats off the those who compiled the lists and to those who wrote the courses.

Thanks, Bill. That’s very handy.

It’s actually many prior posts, and efforts from many NACHI members. I put the site together for my students and decided that NACHI members may want to take the classes and see what’s out there. Anyone who has free links for other classes, let me know and I will post them on this site as well.

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Outside online education.

Thanks, Bill.


Thanks, I believe that this thread deserves to be a sticky so that it does not get lost, contact Chris Morrell our Webmaster and see if this can be done. Great work.

I incorporated a handout I give to my students in which the direct links for each on-line free program providers is also listed before the courses listed.

Hope this makes on-line education easier.


Thanks Bill