Sayin Hello!

I just wanted to stop in and introduce myself, My name is Shannon and I am a new inspector out of Pa. I have been viewing the forum for a few months and I look forward to learning and chatting with you fellows & (ladies). I see a tremendous amount of knowledge and I think this will be a great way to gather much needed information!

Wecome Shannon. You are correct about the amount of knowledge and there are a lot of great people that love to share it too. Enjoy!

Welcome Shannon!

Welcome to the Asylum Shannon :wink:


Welcome Shannon.

Welcome Shannon,

Don’t be shy…we can all learn from your HI related questions.

Welcome Shannon… you will find NACHI has the best educational center online and a wealth of knowledge from inspectors all over the the world.

If you get a chance, tell us more about your background… or if nothing else if you are a Steeler Fan. :slight_smile:

welcome aboard Shannon…and feel free to keep the steeler fan stuff to Yourself…

Spoken like a true Browns fan!!!

Hey thanks alot fellows! As far as my background goes I have been in different parts of the construction since 88 mostly specializing in flooring, I just accepted a job as a local code official I figured it would attribute to the HI profession. As far as the Steelers I am a fan but right now I’m just gonna let it at that! (Big Ben) causing a media frenzie:neutral:. Anyway thanks for the welcomes and I look forward to learning from you all!:slight_smile:

Right back at-cha from canada!


Welcome, Shannon

Welcome to the world

Hello, and welcome.

Shannon Welcome!
Do not pay any attention to the Browns fans.
Go to your control panel and add your location, someone might confuse you with an Eagles fan.
Go Steelers

I married an Eagles fan Ed it isnt easy!!!:shock::pfor HER!

Sorry 'bout your luck!