Sc Sop

The sop of SC states that If the inspector wishes to provide additional services not covered in the standards thats up to the inspector. Now it clearly states that no walking on roofs are to be performed. What do the sc inspectors do. I have been walking on them but I think I’ll stop

I’ve never noticed that it says that, but it does in fact say so. I’m surprised.

Nevertheless, I walk the roofs of 1 level houses with a low slope IF I consider it to be safe.

I don’t think you have to worry about SC auditing you for walking a roof. It’s a non-issue in my mind.

The SC SOP states at the beginning that nothing in the SOP is intended to limit the inspector.

The sentence about what is not to be done is simply explaining to the public what an inspector does not have to do. If you want to walk a roof you can.
If you want to cut a hole in some sheetrock you can, assuming the owner agrees to it.

The SOPS require reading about 10 times to completely understand for most people. Many inspectors around here don’t adhere to the SOP 100 percent and it does not seem to be enforced. I wish it was enforced like NC. It takes 10-20 years to catch the bad ones in NC sometimes but they are revoking licenses there quite often now.

If anyone in SC wants to send me a report I will gladly check it for the most overlooked items. Joe and I reviewed each others report and we both have reports that completely meet the SC and NC SOP’s as well as NACHI.