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Software vendors:

Does your reporting software comply with the state of SC SOP's ?
Do you warn your client's to be responsible for customizing the software to meet their state requirements?

If you do, some were not paying attention....
please advise your clients in SC again.

Here are some facts to get you started:

SC does not always just require the usual, "Inspect and report defects" it requires "Inspect and Report Observed Condition" of over 35 items.

Included in this "Report Observed Condition" is paint, walls , ceilings, floors, stairs, doors, windows, the whole house condition, the whole house maintenance condition and many other items. Note, pictures are nice but don't satisfy the requirements of a written report.

Also SC requires the washer and dryer connections be inspected.
SC requires that you report functional flow, pressure, drainage on all fixtures, not just reporting the bad ones, each one has to commented on whether good or marginal or bad according to the actual wording in the SOP.

SC SOPS available here:

note: there is a typo in the SC SOPS, under Roof limitations items B and C should be placed under Roof Style section. ie. B and C are not limitations they are required by all SOPS including SC.

Bruce King