SC State Licensing Process

I just submitted my application to the state of SC and they are not accepting my membership certificate that also includes that I am a certified home inspector according to the InterNACHI standards. They are looking for the course completion certificate which is not addressed on our website.
It looks like I have to complete the entire curriculum before sitting for the state exam.

Christopher Howe

There is also an additional test that needs to be passed in order to obtain a SC license.
Business management and Law. The book cost $53 plus shipping through PSI.

Hi Christopher,
I started my home inspection business in Lexington, SC back in 2003. To answer your questions, yes, you do have to complete all the courses in InterNachi (14 in total). If you are on the website, go to your dashboard and click on the link in the left column listed as “Transcript”. It is there that you’ll see your progress on each one. And whenever you complete one, it will display as “complete”. You will have to also have pssed Nachi’s online inspector exam. Once you’ve completed all that, you be able to download your certificate of completion and that is what SC licensing board wants. The state website is Once you’ve sent your Nachi certificate of completion andd whatever else the state asks you for to them, they will send to you your “exam eligibility letter” which is what you will use to set up your state exam date.
And yes, the state exam NOW in SC is actually TWO exams ($90 total for both exams). One exam is the normal home inspector exam, the second on business management as you mentioned. That book you bought will help and they allow you to take that book with you into the state exam site(open book exam!) There are also some resource materials you may take into the exam relating to the home inspection exam itself. All the exam requirements and resources you need for it are found on the website

Thank you Sir.
I have passed the InterNACHI on line exam. The piece that is missing is that SC wants the candidate to complete the entire course and not just be an InterNACHI Certified Inspector because according to InterNACHI I am a Certified Home Inspector. I have another five courses to complete but have 12 months to complete them according to our guidelines.

I greatly appreciate your response.


Welcome to our forum, Christopher Howe!..Enjoy!

Hey Christopher,

Yes…I noticed that Nachi does indeed let you take their online test even before you do all the courses. But in the end, yes, you must have completed all the courses and the the official “certificate of completion” to send to LLR in SC. You’ll be able to get the other 5 done…I did all 14 in about 2 months. If you have questions along the way, email me.

Get the book. The business exam was added in 2019 and it is difficult. Those who got in before January 2019 are very lucky.

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You’ll definitely want to have that book with you for the test. It’s an open book test, that book is accepted, and you WILL use the book! I did pass the test, but don’t think I would have without the book. Additionally, make sure you have a calculator, there are plenty of math equations to work out. Only a simple standard calculator with only numbers, not letters allowed though, no watches, no cell phones, no devises of any other kind.

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Congratulations that business exam is a bear

Thank you Martin! It WAS a bear! Haha! Let me say this….We had 100 questions and 2 1/2 hours to do the home inspector exam, I finished that one in less than 90 minutes without having to look at any resources. But then the BUSINESS exam…we had ONLY 55 QUESTIONS and 2 hours to do it and it took me the ENTIRE 2 hours! The last question was a complicated math equation and I was frantically punching away at the keys of my calculator with only seconds left ticking away…I admit…I questioned my performance on that bear of a test! To all going to take it….Make sure you obtain that 8th edition of that Nascla business law/management book, read it, highlight it, study it! And do not forget to take it with you to the test, as it is an open book test. Like I mentioned, I feel sure I would not have passed without the book and a calculator.

Scott that business exam is going to weed out our new competition😁

Weeding out is a good thing. I built houses for many long years before I got into the home inspection business and I know it’s benefitted me greatly in detecting deficiencies. I’ve heard stories of very young people getting licensed to inspect, but all they know is what they looked at in a book in some cases. I have heard of some kind of scary stories of how some inspectors did their presentation to clients! haha! Disclosing has to be done, but it can be done without scaring people to death! Most the Realtors I’ve worked with are honorable people and they appreciate a professional acting inspector who does his job honestly without working against the clients or the realtor.

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Well said Scotty it’s all about honest disclosure and not scaring the client. I took this photograph of “something” under a sink today and advised the client to allow me to perform a bio tape and air sample for mold. She was so in love with the unit she declined. Just put it in the report as a strong recommendation and I’m covered, moved on.

True that! Where do you think the moisture came from? Looks like it was running down from the top side? Was there a valve leak or just messy people and no caulking?

It’s a condo probably the unit above. The ceiling had 18% moisture with visible damage. The buyer insisted the damage is probably from a prior leak and it’s no longer leaking. I told her 18% moisture is still an active leak LOL. I told ya man she’s in love with the unit all I have to do is disclose and advise.

Yeppers…it was disclosed! She feels anyone can learn to live with a little “Stachybotrys” haha! How much you wanna bet somebody has probably used that word for naming a rock band ?

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Yup cause the smut-like was taken.

Well…it seems there is this dude on facebook named Jeff Stachybotrys???

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Thank you.

I just received my RBI from South Carolina. I completed the InterNachi course. I thought I was ready, but I wasn’t for the first time taking the test. I then studied for the national test, and the questions were similar to the PSI test. Good luck to all. If you need help with anything contact me.


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