InterNACHI Mocked

NOTE… this same Inspector (Mr Mattern) calls himself a
“NAHI (CRI) Certified Real Estate Inspector” on his web site.

All the while as he mocks the word “certified”. :roll: Go figure.
How many 12 year olds do you know that can pass the NACHI online exam?

This is silly.

In order to be a certified (NACHI) inspector, one must comply with all state laws. Illinois state law requires licensing.

This clown knows that, but is trying to cloud the issue with the people (and the stupid newspaper reporter fell for this.).

I will fix this.

**Rick Mattern **
Mr. Mattern is a Home Inspector University class instructor. His background includes over 20 years as a commercial real estate engineer. Mr. Mattern has been in the Home Inspection business since 1999. The Chicago Tribune and the Northwest Daily Herald have recognized his success in the home inspection industry. As a member of The National Association of Home Inspectors he has earned the designation of Certified Real Estate Inspector. His other credentials include:, Illinois Licensed Home Inspector, Member of the Foundation of Real Estate Appraisers, past two term Vice President of the National Association of Home Inspectors - Illinois Chapter.

“In order to be a certified (NACHI) inspector, one must comply with all state laws.”

I’m confused by this statement. Anyone can become certified by NACHI by passing their on line tests. One cannot practice in the state of Illinois unless they comply with all state laws. I do not know what those laws are, but one should be able to be certified by NACHI, but not recognized by the state (unless of course the state recongnizes NACHI as a qualifier for the state license.

In order for an inspector to remain in good standing as a certified member
of InterNACHI they must keep the code of ethic that states they must comply
with all state laws.

It is possible to decieve but our code of ethic does not endorse breaking
the law. This is part of the signed agreement we make to have membership
in InterNACHI, is to obey the law.

Those who openly break the law are subject to loosing their membership.


You missed my point. One does not need to be a certified NACHI inspector to be a home inspector in Illinois.

If I were to move from Florida to Illinois, I would still be a certified NACHI inspector, I just could not (legally) inspect in that state until I complied with the laws in that state.

In order to be a NACHI member (as an HI) one must comply with all state laws in the state that they work in. COE, Section 1, Paragraph 10. (Look it up yourself).

In order to do home inspections ("“Home inspection” means the examination and evaluation of the exterior and interior components of residential real property, which includes the inspection of any 2 or more of the following components of residential real property in connection with or to facilitate the sale, lease, or other conveyance of, or the proposed sale, lease or other conveyance of, residential real property:") [FONT=Verdana]In Illinois, the inspector most be licensed by the state.[/FONT]

Therefore (and I am sorry that I must be so specific, to those who can’t (or won’t) read, One cannot be an InterNACHI certified Home Inspector in the State of Illinois unless they are also an Illinois State Licensed Home Inspector.

Simple. Really!

Call me if you are still clueless. :mrgreen:

Hope this helps;

No you missed Will’s point.

Will did not say you need to be a certified NACHI inspector to be an inspector
in Illinois,

but he said…

“… to be a certified (NACHI) inspector, one must comply with all state laws.” :wink:

Besides, Rick is partial owner of Home Inspector University, which is a CE credit mill (real easy courses, you can, literally, sleep through the class ans still pass the test) which charges HIs $109.00 for 3 hours of CE (dinner included) just so they can get the state required credit.

The Chicagoland NACHI Chapter, by way of comparision, charges chapter members $25.00 for 3 state approved CE hours (including dinner) and the courses are challanging, new, real and informative.

We have even provided 6 hrs of state approved CE, to NACHI members, for $25.00. Gerry Beumont recently presented 6 hrs of state approved CE (through the state NACHI Chapter, including breakfast, lunch and REAL quality education) for about $100.00 less than these “people” charge. I have attended their courses and, literally, learned nothing that I had not already learned in pre-licensing classes. Yeah, real “Quaility”. Just a CE credit mill. Pay, and get the credit. Not my idea of professional.

The chapter even charges only $50.00 (less than half the cost) to non-NACHI members for the same, quality and professional courses.

Sounds like someone is scared of losing their rice bowl.

Anyone not clear on this, contact me (see below) and I can provide information and documentation of these facts.

Hope this helps;

I guess I had better not move to Illinois then

It almost always comes down to someone protecting their rice bowl. I’ve always said the real money to be made in any profession is not in performing the job but in CEUs and providing rudimentary education in the trade. Why crawl through a wet, nasty crawl space for a several hundred dollars when you can stand on a nice dry, warm podium and teach a class room of eager students, each willing to part with 1500 dollars and up to get a piece of paper that says “Hom INpsectr, I are one” somewhere on it.

P.S. Not saying it isn’t so but I have never heard the term “real estate engineer”. I am not sure I understand that terminology.

I get mail about once a week for one of their classes…Sometimes they say even if you belong to another organization…your still welcome…I’ve passed.

They should have used Matterns picture in the little editorial he wrote.
With a lecherous mug like that I steer all children far away.
He sure is not much of a business man either as I will be sure to toss all of those stupid postcards his school sends me in the garbage from now on.
Well maybe not till I call the (real) owner and let him know that one of his teachers just lost 10,000 potential students.

I continue to be the Chicago area’s “go to guy” for newspapers doing stories on home inspectors. I normally refer them to Will. Reporters love us. Very rarely does a day go by without a reporter somewhere calling me for my comment on this or that.

One of the reasons we get so much good press is because reporters (who’s job it is to look things up)… find ding dong posts like his, then look up and realize that when you hire one of our licensed members, that member VOLUNTARILY does the following IN ADDITION to what the state requires:

Exactly. Most of the “instructors” listed on their (home inspector U) web site want to get out of inspecting and into teaching.

“Old home inspectors don’t die (or retire), they just start teaching”

Just for those who are not clear, you must be LICENSED by the state to LEGALLY do home inspections in Illinois. NACHI members must also be licensed (per the COE). You cannot be an ASHI member or NAHI member and do inspections in Illinois unless you are LICENSED. Same legal rules, but very different association rules.

But, then, the associations have different standards than the state (and NACHI’s are the most stringent).

Hope that’s clear.

Hope this helps;


Just proves you are not a complete idiot (which I already knew. After all, you are a NACHI member :wink: )

I may get in that paper without Nicks help if I write the Daily Herald with my response.

I wonder if the paper knows this guy belonged to an association that untill recently allowed its members to find defects, so they could charge suckers to fix the ones they found.

Very good point.

NACHI SOP and COE exceeds the Illinois requirements with regards to ethics and SOP. Forget about these stupid “just take and on-line test and pay ypur money” crap. I could have joined ASHI or NAHI when I was newly licensed (and done 250 $95.00 “special” inspections and become a “full” member of either association. But I chose NACHI. In fact, I was a NACHI member even before I was licensed, I just was smart enough (read: I READ THE NACHI RULES!!!) to not actually do inspections before I was licensed. If I had done an inspection before I was licensed, I would have been violating the NACHI SOP and COE. It really is a no brainer.

This clear and plain point is obviously lost on Mr. Marten.

And this guy teaches?

'Those who can…do. Those who can’t…teach. Those who can’t teach…teach gym."
Woody Allen