Scam Alert

(Bryce W. Jeffrey, CMI) #1

Got a call a few weeks ago from a lady in British Columbia to do an inspection in Port Stanley. Not unusual for me as I receive many referrals from my web site.

She spoke well and went into details that left me reassured. Incidentally, I have done business with two others from B.C. relocating back to Ontario.

Long story short, I got scammed.

A warning to others in Ontario.

Her name is Shelley Lippert from Keremeus BC

Her web site (probably not legitimate

Shelley Lippert | Keremeos Based Artist

My IT guy is attempting to get a street address. The Village is in central B.C. and has a population of 1300.

(Erik Schmidt) #2

So what was the scam? The usual one involves some complex, long drawn out explanation of why the inspector should send money to the scammer instead of the other way round. Typically it involves a female with some kind of disability, although I fail to understand why that is an essential component of this scam. I have a hard time finding sympathy for anyone who falls for this.