Scam now on TEXT

I just received a TEXT that was the tart of the old email in the hospital ect scam. I replied that they could call me and we would discuss it as I do not set inspections from texts with new customers and that there were scams going on with the same type of request. As normal no more texts. They must have been sending out a bunch because the first city was out of my area so a second city came in closer to me with a population of about 100??? THEY NEVER STOP

I got the same text, 4 months ago.

I received the same type of text about 4 months ago, also.

A new scam is telling you your domain will expire and they want $65 to renew. Came in from the SEO Domain Registration Corp. I am registered with GoDaddy so I know it is bogus and I renew for 3 years at a time. If you aren’t careful you will pay because you don’t know.

It is good these things are shared even over shared at times but if it keeps these scammers at bay it is worth it

The big thing now is phony invoices. My spam box is full of them.

Or phony resumes that contain malware or viruses.

Cheers and Merry Christmas to all!

I’m getting a text from a 425 number requesting an inspection. From the very first text it seemed like a scam. I asked for an address and got a Orlando address which is 2 hours from me. Still in the middle of the texts so waiting to hear what they say.

I got one that was way more inventive.

This one gave me an address, exact square footage, and discussed an exact day.

It seemed fishy as first, but I have many clients who don’t speak English very well, and so getting texts isn’t all that unusual.

But asking me where my office is was the first tip off. And then of course, they eventually pulled the whole “hearing problems” as a reason they can’t talk on the phone or give me their agents phone number.

So I called the listing agent and of course, the agent said that wasn’t the buyer’s name, and while there is an offer in, it’s not been approved, and so the inspection contingency period hasn’t even begun yet.

Scammer fail.

Just got the same type of request from Candy Moore at 925-239-8484. Asked them to call me after I finish my inspection of the local FBI office in a few minutes. cue the crickets…