Scary handyman sells a home.

No latch, the door stays shut by gravity. :o This is in the breakfast nook, where a kid in a highchair could reach it with a spoon.

Yes, it is a Fed Pacific Stab-lok panel, mounted sideways, looks like recycled breakers and a couple of newer ones.

I know people can be careless in their own homes and survive, but selling something like this to an unsuspecting consumer is both negligent and dangerous.

John Kogel

WOW< i cant believe it… No ledgend?? What was he thinkng??:slight_smile:

One of the more interesting installations, definitely.

One of my most interesting was very similar except that the homeowner had installed a cupboard over the electric panel and then installed a shelf directly across the cover so that it could not be opened without removing the self. But then he had the audacity to actually use the shelf to store dishes on so that one would have to spend five minutes removing all the dishes and the shelf before turning off (or on) a circuit breaker. My Clients were aghast.

Did It look anything like this, notice below the cabinet. They did such a nice job of cutting the cover. The sad thing is all they had to do was flip the panel 180 deg.



That would have required too much work.

Legend went missing with the deadfront.