Schedule 40 on gas line?

Anyone ever seen this? It appears that a gas line has a schedule 40 pvc connection to it.



I do not think you can use PVC pipe for gas distribution inside the house. Best bet is to call your local gas company.

Inside or outside Geeez would hate to see what was under the floor??? Glued pipe no way

I’m guessing the white plastic is being used to support the reducing coupling at the cabinet base as is not carrying gas but slipped on the outside of the black pipe. Inspecting from pics doesn’t always give enough information.

No way Hoss I see pipe dope on the threads and the plastic male is screwed into that female reducing bushing

I saw that too. Either way it’s a crap job and should be deferred for repair.

My other thought was that they used the PVC as a sleeve, smelled gas at some point and tried to stop the leak with the goop. Sure would like to see a shot from below.

If it were just a spacer or sleeve why would they use pipe dope on the joint. Of course, why would they use PVC schedule 40 DWV for gas lines?

That’s the problem with inspecting from pictures.
There often is not enough information to tell what’s really going on.

I hope this was differed for repair.

Are you sure of the material? This looks to me like a proper installation of a “gas-tight” conduit.

Gas-tight conduit is required by the UPC when gas piping is run under a building/residence to the interior.

If your jurisdiction uses the UPC, see section 1211.4

UPC 1211.4 No gas piping shall be installed in or on the ground under any building or structure unless installed in gastight conduit, and all exposed gas piping shall be kept at least six (6) inches (152 mm) above grade or structure.

If it’s a proper installation, it would also require an exterior vent in the gas-tight conduit.

I just noticed the same reference in IRC 2415.11, so it’s allowed by both. . .

Exactly! I’ve seen that application outside for sleaved runs under patio slabs, etc… Make sure its naked PVC before you call it out…