Another association leader says Mallory's association/ASTM meeting unfair.

Dear Pat Picariello:

*This process regarding the decision to go forth on the home inspection ASTM standards saddens me. The rules should be altered for those that attended the first gathering in Las Vegas to allow us to cast a proxy vote for the upcoming September 24th meeting. Your request to have us alter our businesses one more time at a great expense is unreasonable. I am a one man shop operating in Utah. It was at great personal expense for me to stop my business in an unexpected fashion to drive to Las Vegas for the original meeting that did not accomplish anything other than exhaust time away from my business and family. It is unreasonable for you to think that I can just pick up and travel all the way to your offices for a repeat performance of the same meeting. *

*We live in an electronic age where you, the ASTM International, could easily have an online webinar that would allow all interested parties to call in and view the meeting online and cast our votes accordingly. You would have several thousand, if not tens of thousands of inspectors casting their votes and you would then have a true reflection of what the industry wants. I must question whether or not you really want to poll our industry. Instead, this turns out to be a regional popularity contest garnering votes from those who live in close proximity to the West Conshohocken, PA meeting place. As the National Chairman for the American Institute of Inspectors I am feeling pressure to be there, but I have very little confidence that it will result in anything different than the last meetin g. This is due to the stacking of the deck by regional bias. 95% of our membership lives west of the Mississippi River and getting them to travel to your offices is an unreasonable request. This puts your meeting in jeopardy of attaining industry acceptance because you truly are not attempting to poll our industry. *

*Home inspectors are mainly one man shops and your method of getting their vote is simply unacceptable. Please consider the online and phone webinar approach. We have been successfully holding open board meetings this way and it allows every interested member the ability to listen in. Those that want to speak are given special status and they call in via a line that allows them speaking privileges. Voting is also quite easy and each person gets one vote. So why not consider this process and eliminate the regional bias and allow every home inspector with an internet connection and phone line the ability to participate in the process. Another approach would be for you to have each inspector association poll their members and then add up the votes. It just seems ridiculous to think that the 50 -300 people that you are going to have in your office are going to be anything other than a s kewed bias or our industry as a whole. *

Please consider my recommendation and understand that I cannot leave my business again to participate in the process at your locale. It is just too expensive, too time consuming, and I faithfully expended the time and money the first time around. Surely there must be some value in my initial efforts. Please consider allowing me to either vote by proxy, or better yet, allow myself and all of the other inspectors an online ability to participate.

Michael Leavitt
*Chairman - American Institute of Inspectors - *](
Orem, Utah
Mobile - 801-636-6816](

Posted with permission from Michael.

Do you think there will be enough ASHI and NACHI members at the September meeting to shut down the effort by the leaders of that small inspectors group work with ASTM at rewriting our industries SOP at the expense of the vast majority of the inspection community?

No. I’m going to have to get a court injunction.


When You and I show up, NAHI Members will be outnumbered…:smiley:

Is that in the works? That would be a smooth move if you can swing it. Any other orgs wanting to join in? Since our chapter is an independent org perhaps we should file a “friend of the court” brief.

NAHI has been signing up dogs in order to boost it’s membership
in order to get ready for the big vote.

I know it’s true. How you say? Well… uhhh… someone told me…:slight_smile:

3 guesses to win a prize.
Who do I sound like?

An Alaskan Mall-o-mutt!

Guys -

Please lets try to not punish those dog lovers in our groups that want their trusted friend to have certification and prestige also. As most of you know, out here in the midwest we had a self-proclaimed leader in ASHI; a President of the Kansas Association of Real Estate Inspectors sign his dog up in NACHI.

I think most of us didn’t take it seriously even though he tried using it with the Kansas legislators to try and discredit NACHI. I heard 2-3 NAHI Inspectors at both the state legislative hearings and the state inspectors annual meeting dress him down for that. I don’t remember hearing any of the ASHI crew stand up for youse.


Are you suggesting that an ASHI Chapter President FALSIFIED an AFFIDAVIT and signed up a DOG as a MEMBER of a Professional Home Inspection Organization?

To what depths will ASHI Members / Alleged Leaders go?

Actually, the ASHI member joined NACHI legitimately. Then changed his his first name in his profile to that of his dog.

The funny thing is that it is impossible for a dog to join NACHI legitimately. One would need a real human willing to falsify documents and commit crimes (theft of services, fraud, etc).

However, anyone and any thing can legitimately join ASHI, just send money and shazam!: You need not commit a crime to join with no exam, no education, no testing, no quizzes, no courses, no hands-on training, no inspections… nothing… just send $.

Wait, it gets worse. ASHI then encourages these totally unqualified members (yes Scott Patterson of ASHI confessed that they count these associates and candidates as members when they state the number of members they have) to go out and perform a certain number of totally unqualified fee-paid inspections for poor, unsuspecting consumers as the only way to achieve full membership… unconsionable!

The more I look at other associations, the more I realize that NACHI does things right.

And people wonder why fees are so low and why there are $115.00 inspectors out there. :wink:

Sure, do 250 $100 inspections to get your time in and you can then take a test and become a full member. Why should any inspector have to prove themselves before joining? :roll:

Nick said it earlier. The more I look around, the more NACHI does it right! :smiley:

The Jerry Peck Candidate to Full-Member formula in a nutshell. He was kind enough to personally lay it out for me back in 03’. :smiley:

I’ve heard many inspectors over the years brag their 7 year old child joined the other group, or their schnauser joined the other inspection group (whichever the other group is).

Bottom line - somebody had to fill out the application, write the check or give a credit card info, take the online test, etc, etc. Done that way anybody can cheat on the rules of all 3 organizations.

That is how it is with ASHI NORTH ( OAHI).
They just love to sell their information package to many hope to be home inspectors.
Then get those who they can out to a meeting
( They have an early section where they tell them how great home inspection is and how good they will do )
This was always a sore spot with my how OAHI would con so many and then get them to take all the OAHI courses.
These poor souls would spend up too $10,000:00 on courses that are mainly taught by Directors of OAHI.
Their chance of making it to RHI are ex termly small (like ~ one in a few hundred)
This to me is out and out stealing from many who can not afford this huge expense.
They drag them on for years all the time getting more money from them.
OAHI is and has alway been an almost a closed door association.
I have been told more then once most directors make more money from teaching then the do from home inspecting.
They give almost zero information to the membership and continue to ignore complaints.
Nachi is the best thing to come to Canada. .
The Toronto NACHI conference cost $99:00 to every body and NACHI made money.
Below is the OAHI conference and they are getting compaints about the cost.
They also picked a very expensive place to hold it .
I wonder is the hotel giving the OAHI directors free rooms?

**- Includes all sessions, welcome reception, exhibit area, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, coffee breaks and Gala Awards Dinner

  • Saturday only includes, sessions, exhibit area, breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks and Gala Awards Dinner
  • Sunday only includes, sessions, exhibit area, breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks

**On or Before After
Sept. 15/07 Sept. 15/07 Saturday Only Sunday Only

1 $550.00 $600.00 $350.00 $300.00
Non-Member2 $675.00 $725.00 $425.00 $375.00

**At the Door Registration
After Nov. 2/07 Saturday Only Sunday Only

1 $650.00 $400.00 $350.00

Non-Member2 $775.00 $475.00 $425.00

Joe -

If Nick is correct then the guy lied twice, cause he told everyone in earshot his dog joined NACHI.

Some political parties have had dogs and dead people voting for years. Did the dog write out the check too? Wish I could find a dog like that, I won’t be doing home inspections much longer if I could. A dog like that is worth a lot of money. Sounds like the antics of a run of mill jackass trying to draw attention to themselves and be a “hero” in their little cabal of equally dimwitted troglodytes.

Doug, the cavemen are having enough trouble with the GEICO commercials. Why would you want to insult them any further by lumping them in with these low lifes? :smiley:

Why worry about an ASTM SOP???

The states can’t enforce what they have now…

Lots of inspectors in licensed states breezing through houses in 1-2 hours cranking out basic reports that leave out 10-50 problems per house. Do the authorities have time to find these guy’s and pull their license? Nope they don’t.

The consumers don’t even realize what all they were supposed to learn about the house (until they try to sell it and the buyer brings in a good inspector that finds major issues in the crawlspace and attics.

Do you really think a bunch of engineers can improve on the SOPS we use now? hahahaha!!! They might require some dimensions and some useless info be added to the report but it still won’t prevent bad inspections! It takes hard work to find many problems, NOT a SOP!!!

Hey, if the ASTM SOP ends up contributing to the elimination of the one-hour inspectors maybe it will be a good thing.