SE conductor

When an SE conductor is subject to damage it needs to be protected by a metal conduit or other approved means. What is “subject to damage”? The house today had an overhead service that came down to the meter through a thick rubber sheathing. I don’t really think its subject to damage but what do you guys think?

Pic? I think you are thinking of protection for the underground service.

Yeah thats what it is Chris. I need some interpretations of “subject to damage” to decide whether it should be in a metal conduit or not.

If what you described is allowed by the local utility and AHJ it’s fine. Most around here in Illinois require conduit, then you use a different type of cable.

In the St.Louis MO area they allow what you have.

From pdf Troy posted>

Whether conduit or cable is used will
depend upon customer preference, local codes,
building structure, environment, utility specifications,
and the electrician’s experience. In
either case, the conduit or cable must be securely
fastened to the building with the proper clamps
or supports as shown later in this chapter.

I would estimate that 80% of all residential services around here are SE cable in and out of the meter enclosure. Unless it’s in a driveway, alley or other area where it may get damaged it’s not subject to physical damage. But either way it’s a judgement call because the term is undefined in the NEC.

Alright thanks guys. I didn’t think it was subject to damage or required a conduit but I wanted to make sure.