SE Cable length??

What is the allowed maximum lenght of the SE cable after it enters the meter? I inspected a home where it came out of the meter and then wrapped around to the opposite side of the house before entering the home. At what point, if any, would it be required to be in metal conduit? Thanks.

The Code requires the cable inside to be “as short as practical”. The length outside is unlimited.

Protection would only be required if it were deemed subject to physical damage.

Thanks, Jim. Appreciate the info!!

Lets also remember that “SER” is also SE Cable and if you have a service disconnection means in compliance with NEC 230.70(A)(1) then the SER being run within the dwelling has no real limit either. In your case, examine the cable for nicks, physical damage and poor securing and supporting and not as such on your report. Other than that it has been covered well by others.