Underground service

I have corrugated drainage pipe being used as underground conduit, The conductors are visible, pavement matches driveway and the install appears to be original to construction (1987). I am calling it as the conductors are unprotected and drain pipe is not rated for use. I am curious if anyone else has ever seen such an install…first for me>


It was probably just a sleeve for direct burial conductors that did not require anything except dirt.

Interesting, thank you Jim, I will look that up.

sleeve … some settlement pulling conduit apart exposing wires

Looks like a violation to me since the protection does not go down 18".

Since this is before the meter the utility guidelines would take precedent IMO. I would guess this was approved at some point since the power is connected.

You could be correct depending on what location the utility company defines the service point. Our local utility defines the service point as the meter on an underground installation but considers the above ground stub down to the end of the elbow to be customer owned.

Just the fact that it is exposed so close to the surface (not protected in a raceway) and subject to being damaged by potential homeowners is an HI’s reason to call it out. Let them sort out who’s rules need to be obeyed and defer your liability.