Found this on a home yesterday. This was the SE from the meter to the service panel. Looks like THHN to me, not SE cable. any ideas? The wire gauge was 2gaw attached to a Murry 200 amp panel.




From the middle photo it appears to be SE cable but I cannot make out the writing on the cable jacket. Do you have another photo showing the cable itself?

The photo shows everything I could see. I was always lead to beleive SE cable should be wrapped with the ground conductor. In this cable the ground is just another conductor. This doesn’t provide any contact protection for the primary voltage carring conductors.

So the EGC was bare in this cable? That would mean that the cable is likely NM cable (Romex) which comes in sizes up to #2 AWG. Is this cable coming straight from the meter enclosure? If so then there is probably a long list of NEC violations.

The home was remodled and the meter was relocated. So, yes, the cable is run to the service meter.

So if the cable is indeed NM cable you would have an NEC problem with #2 AWG NM only being rated for 95 amps (@60° C) and these two code sections: