Second Buyer requesting a previous inspection on same property

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Today I had a Potential Buyer call me to request a copy of an inspection I did on a property in September.
Apparently the deal fell through for whatever reason.
My question is this, what are the Legal, Insurance/Liability and Professional Standards issues involved in selling this Inspection again? Is this allowed, or even advised, even with some type of Waiver?
I have had this request in the past and I always did a completely new inspection on said property so there was really no conflict.
Thanks for any guidance as my goal is to remain professional in all aspects of our Profession

Things change…even overnight.

Do a new inspection. It is company policy. :smile:


First and foremost is to maintain your client’s confidentiality. which means not releasing their inspection report findings to anyone without them directing you to do so.

Advise the second purchaser to have their own professional inspection performed by a qualified inspector of their choice, during their option period to ensure that they are basing their purchase decisions on the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.


For situations like this and if within a few months, I’ll tell them I can contact the past client to see if they want to sell them the report to the prospective buyer. After all, they did pay for it and I feel they should be able to get compensated if they choose. Of course, I let the new buyer’s know that since their name isn’t on the contract, it’s not going to have any “merit” so-to-speak, if push-comes-to-shove. I know some clients have gotten full price for the report and they were super happy with me. I also had the new clients just just schedule a new inspection.

My contract states I own the report, so I will offer a previous report for a fee and make them sign a hold harmless agreement.

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Mine too, though I never resold.

Follow your previous instincts and do another inspection. If you didn’t, you’d be in violation of the contract you made with your client by releasing the old report without permission.

my contract also says I own the report but I would not resell it. As others have said, a another inspection is needed. I recently re-inspected a house after 3 months and 2 windows were now cracked along with a swap out of the newer stove with an old one.

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I see Larry already replied and I agree. New day new inspection!

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Thank You ALL for your your insight and wisdom, it all validates my thoughts/ instinct. I know technically there are 2 Owners of the Inspection, the HI and the original Buyer, but I too believe there is a certain Inspector/Client Privilege involve
appreciate you all responding.

OK! My answer… Ready?
Charge them full inspection fee and deposit the check in the bank.
What is so difficult about that?

I always do a new inspection. I do disclose to the new client that I have inspected the house before, but make sure they understand that things change and the old report is no longer valid. I use the old report to check and see if repairs have been made, and their quality.

The old report presented has observations and annotations ONLY valid “at the moment of the inspection”.

Therefore, a new inspection is strongly recommended to have a true assessment of the current conditions of the property.

The old report was hired by the former buyer, He/She owns the rights to those findings.

The facts in the old report may be misleading and could open doors to unknown liabilities.

Great practice: Have the new interested buyer hire you for a new inspection.

Why do they need to know this?

Why do they need to know this?

I feel because you should give full disclosure going into the transaction in case the new client feels you won’t do another ‘full’ inspection. You give full disclosure of all findings on the first report… why wouldn’t you give ‘full’ disclosure to the new clients on the new report.

My contract states I own the report.

As do mine.
3. The inspection and report are for the use of (CLIENT only.) The CLIENT gives INSPECTOR permission to discuss observations with real estate agents, owners, repair-persons, and other interested parties. The INSPECTOR shall be the (sole owner) of the report and all rights to it. The document a “COPYWRITEN DOCUMENT” of the inspector Robert Young or his employs.

I want to make full disclosure and be as transparent as possible. I don’t want them coming back after the inspection and have questions when they find out I inspected it before.

Just do a new inspection. :smile:

I absolutely agree.

I love it!