second opinion... or third, fourth...

This hearth is supported by a single adjustable steel post in the basement… as well as the surrounding framing… I flagged it for review even though it has been there for 6 years and no signs of movement… it just looked odd… but then again I’ve seen worse…

anyone with an opinion? or recommendation? :wink:

CPI Hanson Standish 138.jpg

CPI Hanson Standish 137.jpg

CPI Hanson Standish 177.jpg

Adjustable steel columns are or should be considered temporary supports. Would recommend structural engineer to review.

Hi. Jeff;

My biggest concern would be the screw jack post.
Those are designed for temporary support and this one is picking up the load of the hearth concrete slab. If I am not mistaken, your third pic seems to indicate a sag in the joist.

The post was positioned there most likely to supplement the single joist that are picking up the floor load from the header. Those floor joist should have been double if not triple depending on the span.

I would refer to an SE on this one to get it evaluated.

I also noticed you could hang clothes hangers on the electrical wiring and an open box. Couldn’t resist:twisted: :wink: :smiley:

Marcel :slight_smile:

There was a lengthy discussion on on the BB recently about this topic.

The consensus was the telescoping posts (as shown in the pics) where for temporary use only but that non- telescoping where OK
-if provided their own footing and
-the post mfrs. instructions were followed to make it suitable for permanent use.

thanks for confirming…

Marcel = wiring was written up as well… I think the photo may distort the sag more than it is, but either way it is written… the joists on either side of the hearth is doubled up…

I’ve been writing up these “temp” posts for years… see them everyday almost…

have a good day all…

The third picture seems to indicate otherwise.

Also Jeff, is that a gas shut off and pipe going through the Masonry?
That little yellow pipe. !

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

yes… that is a gas fireplace up above

I can email you the larger photo… its clearer…

Does the big picture change to a double joist? ha. ha.

I believe you Jeff. :wink: :slight_smile:


it does… must be magic!

Would you please explain this. These posts are commonly used around here as permanent posts and as far as I can find out are perfectly acceptable and to code standards. Now I realize that code is a minimum but I would be calling out every basement support system in the country just for this issue. What are you using to replace these posts?


Take a look here:

Thank you Michael
That bit on Canada enlightened me.

Structures don’t get stronger over time … they get weaker … and may never have seen full loadings (floor, snow, wind, etc).

Structures that fail are standing right up to the point that they collapse … :shock: … So just because it hasn’t failed yet, doesn’t mean it’s okay.

JMO … :wink:

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