Screen and description

I would describe this venting of the A-Frame home as soffit venting although it isn’t your typical soffit venting. Yes?

I am going to mention they should be screened to keep the woodpeckers out and other stuff…not to mention pic #2

70CheesemanLakeCircle 023.jpg

70CheesemanLakeCircle 011.jpg

Yup, these areas should be screened and advise clients of pest/wasp/hornet concern and safety.

you do find em Tony

That’s one of the best nests I’ve ever seen. Very, very nice.

Big around as your head…but an old one…whew!

Tony, don’t talk about RR’s head that way!!!

Yes it is time to get ready for wasps in the electric, and a-c panels also. Everyone should get their wasps spray ready. And shots if you are allergic.!

shoot even if your not allergic. those suckers HURT. why are they always attracted to electrical?

Heat ? Or maybe a small vibration ? Not dure on that one.

Lack of use.

No one ever bothers them there (except us nosey inspectors):cool:

They build a home where they won’t be bothered typically and is protected from the elements.

i once heard it’s because of small electro-magnetic feilds that they are attracted too. i know they also LOVE stationary generator housings, every year at tune up time, i’d use up at least 2 cans before i’d even pop the hatch.

I used to, also. Then I switched to 2 margaritas.
Couldn’t resist.
Darn margaritas.
Speaking of which, took the evening off for my birthday and went out to eat and drink and see a movie with domestic partner and his mom and her boyfriend. We saw “Thank You for Smoking.” It was an advanced screening, and I went with a preordained notion of not liking it since I detest smoking. It was the funniest movie I’ve seen in years, perhaps decades.