See any problems here?

Will this fail if so why?

After it is lathed for stucco.

Rot really will not be a problem! Right??

yes the pictures keep changing before anyone can type a response…that is a problem…

I will wait then.

Thank you.

just bustin your chops Mister Brown however each of those pictures pose a number of problems involving future water intrusion, but of course i think you knew that…jmo…jim


How long do I need to wait?

OK Carl its been a week and no one has stabbed. I’ll bite. The first pic I will question the attachment method for the tyvek.

Fortunately, it never rains in Kansas…so it wouldn’t be a problem.:):):wink:

Lack of and or inadequate flashing.

The concrete porch is poured against the Tyvek.

The front gets stucco there for the 2nd layer of moisture barrier needs to be installed behind all the trim and in a ship lap fashion.

The oval window has no backer rod and sealant joit between the trim and the window.

The way the columns are built with the wood going down into the concrete instead of a shelf/shoulder being built up 6-8" when the porch was poured so the sheathing and the stucco would have proper clearance from the porch, 2" on the solid surface.
Along with the wall where the porch touches the house.

Carl in my opinion it would be better to just tear the entire house down now instead of waiting a couple years when it begins to fall down from rot which will be present in so many locations I would not want to even start noting them here on this MB.

If this was a paid inspection I was doing of these home(s) I would tell my clients if major repairs were not made before the stucco was applied to rip the buyers agreement up right in front of the job superintendent—:twisted: and throw the pieces at him.

That is a disgrace to the building profession, the whole kit and caboodle—:twisted:


It rains in Kansas.


They will just blame all the failure on the stucco.

The smart trim that is under the front door is not suppose to be in contact with cement as per the mfgrs. specs.

Wow, so after a closer look, there is no proper flashing on any of the visible windows. And I don’t see any on the roof either. Last time I checked, tyvek isn’t flashing.

The more you look the more there is wrong.

Like one of those visual “stare at it long enough and an image appears” puzzles. I’d run. Refer to heavy machinery specialist for demolition.