Stucco Flaws

I have mentioned before I still work in foundation construction until I can take on inspection full time. Well I was pouring a custom foundation today and was looking at the stucco finishes on the side walls of the 2 neighbouring houses. One was a disaster the stucco is already pulling away and starting to break up and this house appears to be less than 5 years old. The other houses stucco looked pretty good except when I looked up near the top of the wall near the roof I could actually see the outline of the styrofoam sheets and the washers used when attaching them to the wall. I was wondering is this because there wasn’t sufficient layers of stucco applied or is this a result of another defect? I look forward to hearing some opinions.

Some good info on synthetic stucco installation at link below:

Marcel, good to see you around on the board. Will you be attending the seminar and IR training in Toronto, because it would be nice to see and talk to you again. Thanks for the info and the reply on the post in the electrical section as well.


Your obsevation of possible thin application may be dead on.

Also see this article not uncommon in areas where broad temp swings occur and barriers are applied.

more on EIFS/Stucco/Siding


Hi Jerry!

Yes I’ll be; beside I wouldn’t want to miss the chance to yank on Bill M chain…:twisted:

I’ll be staying at a KOA hotel (camping) nearby with the family; perhaps next time my inspection fee’s will have reached Chuck’s and I’ll be able to afford to stay in a luxury hotel on Dixon Rd…:wink:

See you there.

Close enough to home for me that I am not bookng a hotel about a 40 minute drive. Have to be conservative with the business funds if I want to buy a camera eventually.

Barry, thanks for the info.


Can you get a couple pictures?


Sorry, Carl because I was not in the area for an inspection I did not have a camera with me. It was like “ghosting” you could see the outlines of the styrofoam sheets and the washers for the fastners. Other than about those 4 sheets up near the roof line the rest of the wall appeared flawless.