See the new NACHI TV episode

I’m bias, but great job Nick and the NACHI team for putting together an informative episode for your members.

Here is the link:

I thought integrating the thermal camera into a roof inspection is a good idea. I have not purchased one yet but, fluke does seem to have good value camera.

I don’t inspect EIFS but thought about adding this to my services and was not aware you offered training. How many certified inspectors do you have? We don’t have a lot of EIFS homes but many commercial properties.

There are currently over 350 active MoistureFree Certified Stucco Inspectors. Many of them started performing residential inspections and have since migrated to commercial inspections as well. The fees are better and over 80% of stucco being applied today is on commercial buildings. This diversification has helped them through this residential slump. If I’m not mistaken you were interested in becoming roof certified as well. We have a special for buying both programs

Where can I find a certified efis IR guy in my area? I have an ‘issue’ with a commercial building. ZIP 17201.

Give me a call tomorrow at the office and I can refer a few…