Thermal Imaging

I am thinking of jumping into this aspect of inspections. Can anyone advise me as to the pros and cons. Nachi has an affiliation with Flir which allows monthly rentals and I am thinking that the cost will be made up on the first inspection. Any feedback is welcome.


There are numerous threads and previous discussions here:

I for one don’t purchase tools on a whim or because others are touting as the best thing since sliced bread.

I offer IR as part of a home inspection package, stand alone residential and commercial, roof, EIFS, stucco, moisture, energy, and for my own behalf when I suspect more than my eye can see.

As you will read this is not an arena to jump into without proper training and a marketing strategy before you start offering this sevice.

Some in my market have bought into and sold out of this technology within the past few months.

Go for it.
See this page for more info

Be sure to get the proper training.
(take the building science course)