See Through Walls?

I have some questions regarding interior inspections.

Do you find that clients expect the HI to be able to “see through walls”? (For example, to find moisture or mold. Read 21 Things Every Home Inspector Should Know, by Frank Cook and Pat Remick, Chapter 1, #10.)

Do you use a non-invasive moisture meter to measure any moisture behind the interior drywalls, EFIS and non-EFIS homes?

Thanks in advance.

I use a thermal camera and follow up on any suspicious spots with a Tramex meter. I have found quite a few that way.

Re: See Through Walls?

I invented something to allow me to see through a wall.

I call it a “window”…

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Good one Jae!!


I like it. Simple, yet weird.

And under most windows there is a good chance for moisture!

Most are improperly installed.

There is a group of inspectors in this area who promise (6 times) on their internet site that they will find all the “hidden problems” if you hire them; for them, I hope they can see through walls, so they can make good on that promise and avoid being sued. I, on the other hand, make no such claim. In fact I can promise you that I can not see through walls and issues such as mold in the interior cavities of the wall strucutre (a “hidden problem”), concealed junction boxes or improper in-line conductor splices (a “hidden problem”), a lack of blow-out plates on framing members for electrical and plumbing (a “hidden problem”), and alike will not be detected during my inspection.

I do use a moisture meter to determine the m-level of stains observed on the exterior (non-hidden) surfaces. I will check around the interior of windows if the caulking on the exterior of the house was in bad shape.

If you want to promise you can see through walls and are able to find the all the “hidden problems”, for your sake I hope you can.

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It’s Super-inspector…Yes, it’s Super-inspector strange fellow from another company who opened up shop and claims to have more powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal inspectors…

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I should also add that this firm of inspectors is one of busiest firms in this area- many realtors’ first choice. :wink: And who could blame them (the realtors)?If I had the choice between a mere mortal and this group of super inspectors I would go with the later.