seeking Flir IR Camera advice

good day, all.

I have an (ancient) Flir Bcam, purchased back when they were costlier than uranuim.

Last year it died and displays a nonsensical error message on the screen.

I am mostly retired now and do very few inspections, so find it hard to justify a $195.00 cost + shipping, just to have Flir look at it.

but if it is possible to figure out what ails it I would like to know if it is worthwhile to repair it.

any suggestions?

Maybe a local tech geek could, although that seems like a long shot.

Start with the basics. How’s the battery?

It has a value to someone, even if non-operational, so try to sell it for parts or repair, as-is, and upgrade to a newer (likely used) model.


battery is fully charged,

I was just hoping someone here knew of a message board or other resource for getting the basic troubleshooting done cheaper than Flir.

it will be difficult to justify even the cost of a used one. The company I work with part-time does not routinely use IR so I’m not required to have a cam.

thanks for the input…

It will many times cost more to repair it than the cost of a new camera.
Buy a new one.


I have sent several units to Flir for their review and repair. It might be worth the time.