Important info if you own a FLIR B-CAM

I recently was doing an inspection and the camera indicated that the memory was full. After downloading the images and clearing space the camera began to malfunction. After speaking with FLIR, I learned that this was a flaw that had been identified with older model B-CAMs and they have the fix for it starting at $350.

It would have been nice to receive some sort of recall in the past that would have identified this flaw.

If you use an older model B-CAM make sure to upload and delete all stored images after each use, and save yourself this aggravation.:frowning:


What year was the camera manufactured?

Now that is interesting. Their flaw but out of the generosity of their mercenary hearts they will fix it for only $350.

So you’re talking about the BCAM and not the BCAM SD right?

Thanks for the heads up.

Yikes !!!:shock:


I feel good now about buying one of there camera’s . . . they made the mistake and now you get to pay for it . . . WOW!

Sorry, but this is very vague information for some of us. Is there a web site for more details(manufacture date, serial numbers, etc.)?


My camera was manufactured in late 2005 or early 2006 Serial #: 278002422. I was told that they had corrected the problem at some point in time for cameras manufactured after mine. I asked why they didn’t have some kind of recall. I couldn’t get a straight answer. They are working with me to rectify the situation, after I voiced my very loud opinion of the situation. If you have any questions concerning your B-CAM, I suggest you call FLIR directly. The worst part was showing my client what was going on and not being able to save the images to put in the inspection report. Thank God they were really cool people and appreciated the job I did anyway.

It seems everything comes with a price tag these days. I would add this, on one of these IR camera threads, someone mention about putting a 512 meg card into their camera and clicking away. Apparently that is not a good idea, at least for the B-Cam SD, it either states in the literature or perhaps was mentioned in the Building Science class, stick with the 128 meg card, otherwise you risk the possibility of overloading something and fouling up it brains. Might check with FLIR direct to get the exact explanation to avoid this problem.

When buying new camera technology, just like new computer technology,
the bugs usually show up in the first couple years. This is why I try not to
buy any new versions of windows for my computer operating system or new
vehicle models… as the bugs have not been fully worked out yet.

I purchased a new BCAM a few months ago and needed service on it.
FLIR fixed it for free with no questions asked. They said my problem
was rare and responded promptly. I have talked to people using FLIR’s
cameras that have been working fine for over 10 years. So I have not
lost confidence in them as a solid IR camera maker.

Spoke with FLIR today between inspections. They fixed my camera and are shipping it back to me today FREE of charge. I will receive it tomorrow. Good customer service. Hopefully they will be more proactive in getting the word out about any glitches with their equipment. :mrgreen: