Self Closing/Latching RV Gate that opens to a pool?

Hey guys,

I got done with an inspection this morning that had a pool in the back yard. One side of the fence had a self closing, self latching access man size access gate. The other side a double gate, that could fit a small truck through with no additional hardware.

My question is, does this double gate need to have self closing, self latching hardware to be considered safe?

Located in Arizona, if that helps.

Thank you

Since we don’t have a speciaifed set of rules here I used the CPSC ones. The Southern Nevada Pool Code is basically the same. If there is a Vehicle Gate then it should be self latching but doesn’t need to be self closing.

              Yes, if the gate provides direct access to the pool it needs  to self close and latch.

better reread what your link & BK says he knows his $h!tz!

All Other Gates (Vehicle Entrances, Etc.)
Other gates should be equipped with self-latching devices. The
self-latching devices should be installed as described for pedestrian