Self flashing windows

Does anyone have some good articals or information on self flashing windows, I am not too familiar with them. I understand they are becoming very popular in new construction, at least around my area.

What kind are you talking about. What brand.

Not any specific brands, I am looking for very general information on how they channel water, and correct installation proceedures.

Jackie…get the word self flashing right out of your vocabulary, there is no such thing. They are words used by window and door manufacturers, but they do not mean anything…nothing will seal itself out of the box on a building.

Commercial buildings have what some may call self flashing windows and door units, generally for masonry construction, but they need flashing above the lintels and at sills just like any other window or door. The building wrap needs to be installed the same way a “non-self-flashing” unit is installed.


I too was wondering about “self flashing windows”. Do they come with a bunch of little gnomes that jump out of the box, with a mininature break, and madly run around installing flashing? I have yet to see anything on the market that can, or could be considered self flashing. There are a few skylite manufactureres that sell a skylite with the flashing included in the box that they say are self flashing, but, I have yet to see the flashing magically jump out of the box and install itself.

I have seen some pella and shelter windows with a flashing member that is attached to the window from the factory. Most windows just have a nailing fin and it is not flashing.

Here ya go…

What if there is trim around the window!

Thanks, that was exactly what I thought, but all this talk of “self flashing” had me thinking I was behind the times.


Jackie: Hope you are fine.

I have been in Commercial Building for a long time, and PLEASE if you do find this self flashing window, let me know ASAP. I would more than enjoy it.

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This thread will help you on your self-flashing windows…

This link is towards the end of the thread on jlc. It is a long read but worth it.
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IMO This is how you flash self flashing windows.

Applying 6" wide Vycore flashing membrane over the fins of a window as required by most Window Manufacture is not quite my idea of self flashing window. Someone has to install it and properly.

On a different note; David, first post I see from you since the flood. Hope you have transitioned back to normal and your family alright.

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Some aluminum and vinyl windows have solid nailing fins that appear seamless where they meet the window, so I suppose thay do the same job as installng flashing. If it keeps the water out, it’s flashing. There’s a lot of bad flashing out there that might as well have been left off.
Also if it’s made of the same material as the window frame it all expands and contracts at the same rate and may remain intact and weatherproof longer than installed metal flashing

What about under the windows where they have no sills?


That question brings you back to…

Yea, I’ve got all my soaken wet and ruined personal belongings in a dumpster (outside my garage). It’s full. We lost a lot of money on this flood.

Drywall has been removed and I’m getting professionally douched today. I’ll rent a keresene heater to do a rapid dry and then start drywalling again. Thanks for your concerns.