#$&* Seller

Why would anyone put a 4 x 4 across the top of a gate at about 5 feet.:twisted:
The gate was open the entire inspection, so I wasn’t looking for anything over the gate. I hit my head so hard it still hurts 8 hours later. It even drew a little blood.
Ralph is not happy!
You better believe that made it in the report!!!

For estimated measuring of a cord of wood…haha. hope all heals up.

that’s gonna leave a mark !

Yeah…hope you brought some paint to fix that up. :smiley:

A cord is 4 feet high.

You tall guys are always complaining

Take off the base ball cap. :wink:

Hope your headache recedes soon.

Remember I said estimating.

Answer: To discourage home inspectors.

Did you consider they were trying to tie the fence to the adjacent building for added support by the weight of the wood against the fence?

Maybe they started a “screen” for the wood storage, and gave up on finishing it?
If its 5’ high, I wouldn’t suspect its for measuring a cord,
that’s a 4’ X4’ X 8’ measurement when stacked…

People always have some reason for what they do, they ussually don’t know better or are lazy/cheap (e.g. improper electrical wiring).
Whatever the reason it was meant for walking through (or in my case walking into).
I was looking at the LP siding along the bottom edge on the south side and started standing and walking faster and came up right under the board.

Awesome powers of observation you have there, Mr. Home Inspector!!!:p:mrgreen::D:D

LMAO, way to kick a guy while he’s down Jeffrey!!:wink:

I am always hitting my head. I just pray that I don’t dent the ducts or piping.

What I didn’t let on to, is that it happens to me all the time. Unlike Will, I am (only) 6’2", and the wanna-be, half height basements around here really take their toll. Too dang short to stand erect, too darned tall to crawl. You being in WI, I’m sure you know what I’m sayin’ !!! ;):smiley:

I’m sure Ralph understood I was just messin with him. :cool: