Senate Bill 168 (SB168) Introduced Today

**This Bill … a Rehash of previous Bill 9-10 years ago was read on the Senate Floor today. ****The PUBLIC Hearing we’re told is NEXT tuesday

We’re told it will be heard in Topeka next week. Like last time its a joke BUT they’ve bumped the entry level education 90 hrs … 60 hrs in class AND 30 hrs in the field.

A psychometrically](|01||e2848c85bac24f59c6c808d692244c81|84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa|1|0|636857081925764447&sdata=O93%2B7eUO3jp0jIT7fTNoMz5mZMvsISgGXl%2B%2BPVMGIww%3D&reserved=0) VALID test APPROVED by the HI Board will be a requirement (obviously someone has pushed for the ASHI / NHIE)

The Kansas Board will have 5 members with 3 being home inspectors from different districts in the state. They ARE required to have 1,000 inspections AND 5 yrs in home inspection to be on the Board … How many of our members does that disqualify??

How about a PROVISION we NEED all inspection associations REPRESENTED this time out versus JUST one group like last time out AND lets have something in there where they CAN NOT have the 2 extra Board Members being a Realtor and a Trial Attorney like last time

Sub-Contractors or TRADESMEN working with a HI on an inspection do NOT have to be licensed BUT have to have fingerprints and FBI or KBI background checks if I read the Bill correctly … I don’t think thats gonna fly with subs like … WDI inspectors, radon inspectors, chimney inspectors, roof inspectors, HVAC inspectors, lead paint inspectors, asbestos inspectors,mold inspectors, IR inspectors, foundation contractors doing foundation inspectors, etc, etc. BESIDES not flying HOW can you enforce that. ARE they gonna go out and do that to themselves just to work with us (some will … many could care less)

Engineers AND Architects are EXCLUDED from being licensed to do home inspections BUT in Kansas by state law … 1 and 2 family houses are EXEMPTED from state laws … The engineering and architectural board has NO oversight on an architect or engineer doing a home inspection AND they’re NOT required to have errors & omissions insurance to get licensed … NEITHER are Realtors, Attorneys, Asbestos Inspectors, WDI inspectors, builders, tradesmen, etc, etc. etc.

Last time out in Kansas we had the same deal AND in **KC alone BESIDES the licensed PE’s that did get licensed as home inspectors …we had 23 licensed PE’s doing home inspections THAT did not get licensed as home inspectors, etc … **Some of which had degrees in computer software engineering, etc. They had NO insurance requirements, no test requirements, no SoP to follow and I saw 3-5 page home inspection reports from some… As a mechanical engineer, THATS just wrong.

BUT when we have commissioned house sales people writing AND dictating laws for us thats what we get.

Lets say 45,000 real estate agents in Kansas vs 160-200 inspectors … Hell Davy Crocket had better odds at the Alamo.

I hope quite a few of us BLOCK out the day AND go tell them what WE think vs the Realtors and maybe a handful of inspectors from down in SW Kansas

Dan Bowers