Senate Hearing on SB-168

A couple of new inspectors present at the hearings in Topeka could not believe that the 2 groups pushing the Bill (realtors and the KAREI / ASHI group from Wichita) seemed to be allowed to talk and talk by the committee chair but the opponents seemed to be pushed into 3-4-5 minute testimony’s.

They both indicated it was no where near an equal time and equal voice and wondered if the chair was pushing it a little bit one way vs being neutral. I was concentrating on listening to the testimonies of speakers and did not pay much attention to the chair …

I’m loosing a bit of hearing and both the KAREI / ASHI speakers (Kerry Parham and Jeff Barnes mumble a lot — VERY hard to understand them).

Both the Kansas and Missouri licensing Bills have been parked till next year


I have nearly 45 years in and out of the construction trades (mostly as a side job or temporary fill-in work between jobs) and the only reason I even considered entering this field in Kansas is precisely because I did not have to deal with political hacks like those individuals you mentioned that are trying to carve out ego fans for themselves as “government regulators”. I for one am sick and tired of government interference with good honest people trying to make a living. It’s almost as if these people in our legislature don’t want to have thriving and flourishing small businesses in this state. Because when the government gets involved in regulating anything - it usually turns out bad for the public.

Its really not the legislators mostly. The used house commissioned sales people in Kansas are dead set on getting home inspectors in the corral. In Kansas we have 105 counties … 22 have mandatory building codes. In Kansas we do NOT have mandatory state wide licensing of tradesmen (the people that build, repair, remodel or fix houses), but the used house commissioned sales people feel it is vitally necessary for … National Security, to Protect the Children, to Stop Terrorism, etc, etc to get home inspectors under their thumb.

They contribute lots of $$$$$ to legislators getting elected campaigns, THEN later on try to use that to help get us licensed or for other things they want.

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