100 Inspections His 1st Year

I have a friend who wanted to start a home inspection business last year. He is in a completely different area, so I set up his website with some killer SEO, email marketing, social media advertising, made him a couple of promotional videos, and a whole bunch of my marketing secrets. He did over 100 inspections in his first year working part time. He said it was all because of me… Man I’m good

Care to share some of your secrets Ian? :slight_smile:

Sure. Give me a call

Not bragging, but I did 238 my first year.

You’re bragging.

That’s awesome!

Not bragging but I did 176 my first year and I’m at 349 so far this year (my 2nd year). :wink:

Internet and website secrets. 70% of my inspections come from Google

Mine too

Hopefully that area is far far away! :wink:

I was cheap at $219 with termite on any home. REA’s loved me, because I was new, and cheap. That is what you need to be here in KC to compete. Now, being a CMI, I raised my prices, but lost business to other newbie inspectors. Round, and round.

Thanks for your tips today, very helpful.:smiley:

My pleasure. Call any time