Search-Engine Optimization Tips for Inspectors.

SEO tips for inspectors

Good advice.
Hope to see some of the guys at Dom’s conference here in Chicago on the 14th which goes into much more detail.

If I used half of what I know from Dom I would would be ranked number one .

Thanks some good stuff there.

Nick your missing one big important tip. Can you guess which one it is?

No… but tell us.

Choose a domain with your main keywords already in it, such as

Ah. I don’t know. My thinking is different than most on that matter.

I tried it with my girlfriend’s website. She had a domain with her name only in it. I changed it to the city and her occupation. After several months it started to rank. Could not even get the site to rank before.

Bingo! Look up St. Louis Home Inspector or Inspectors and then St. Louis Home Appraisers on Google and tell me who #1 on is on each. Dom even stated URL plays a “HUGE” role.

Plays a huge role in what? Results page position?

That’s but one link in the chain. Yes, you have to be on page 1. Not necessarily #1 on page 1, but on page 1. But as I said, that’ only one link in the chain.

The next link in the chain is to get them to visit your site.

The next link in the chain is conversion (the only thing I care about). Are you able to get any of that traffic to call and book an inspection?

Position doesn’t pay the bills… it only makes you feel good.

The world is too hung up on position. An entire SEO industry is built around this nutty obsession… almost as if conversion meant nothing. It’s crazy IMHO. But people like to be first, as if being on top equated to profit or bedroom prowess or something.

Conversion optimization is what matters.

I have no idea on domain mane containing key words, my site has only been up for 4-5 months and this month i changed the url from to . I’ll let you know if anything changes. I figure it will take time, my site is currently on page 2 of google using ri home inspector or inspection. I have done it (SEO) all myself from advice here and on Domenic’s homeinspectorpro’s site. Maybe i’ll get to page one soon. I do get calls from the site, but first page is (obviously) better.