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I want to start providing Septic Inspections in Ontario, back in 2013 I passed the exam to become a septic installer and received my BCIN. Is this all that is needed to be able to inspect these systems or is there more needed?

Colton, you may want to check with the local Health Department…at least that is what we call them around here. :smile:

what Larry said…


If you’ve completed the Ontario wastewater program, which I believe you have, you are qualified to do septic Inspections and flow testing in this province. I completed the program at the University of Guelph. You can check the course content online and see if it marries up with what you’ve already obtained. Good luck playing in the poo. Don’t undersell yourself. It’s a bio hazard that you’re inspecting.

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Chances are we took and completed the same course as I also took mine at Guelph. Thats good to know. I got a little spooked when I read that I should hold a seperate license with OBC to conduct inspections on septic systems.

Maybe you do.

I did the course and obtained my bcin number a year ago.

I’ve been doing septic Inspections for about 6 years.

I write the findings straight into the home inspection report, no separate documentation.

I stay away from the municipalities but that’s only cause I’m so busy. When I do work for them I’m only authorized to make recommendations. I can’t condem anything. If it’s bad enough they follow up with a work order.

I think that we’re ok doing what we’re doing as Home Inspectors. The official municipal work, depending upon the level of work, may require more.


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If you dont mind one further follow up question did you become a registered Installer/Inspector with the MMAH and pay the associated fees to do so or is that going above and beyond what is required as Home Inspectors?

No I did not.

If you’re doing septic Inspections for home inspection clients it might be overkill.

You’re not marketing yourself to municipalities or as a design/installer.

The more you expose yourself to all of the levels of government the more overlap and regulation you will find.

Just make your home inspection customers happy and you’ll be fine.

Get WETT certified. It’ll help you as well.

One stop for your agents. And the trifecta pays well.

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