Septic Tank

Check this septic out. I hope you can see where the tank drains.

Hope you didn’t slip in the mud!:mrgreen:

No wonder it smells when I drive through KS…you guys just let that sh!# run out anywhere.

Seriously, is that really a septic tank or some other type of water treatment system???


Nope, it is a septic tank and it discharges down the side of the hill, right into the creek. Nice!!! And they wonder where the fish went.

The system was obviously not approved by the county sanitarian. What a disgrace, what were these people thinking.

A inspected one just like that a few years ago. The effluent ran down a steep hill into a spring which ran on to state conservation land. I definitely got a few phone calls of concern after I wrote it up.
If you want to see bad sewer systems just come to Missouri. I have even flunked a few systems that some how got approved by the state or county. It is not what you know in Missouri regulatory departments, it is who you know.

I did two recently, about 5 miles from each other, one no tank at all, just came out of basement drain straight to the ditch in the pasture, the other I used an electronic locator, it stopped under the asphalt driveway, got the backhoe operator to dig up one side of the driveway and there was solid pipe, we dug up the other side of the driveway and there was gravel and perforated pipe, checked the locator again and it was still in same place, directly under the asphalt driveway. Buyer decided not to dig up the driveway, and will just wait until they have a problem before they do anything with it.