Service cables near pool

I know there is a code for the height above a pool, but what about distance from the pool edge?
These cables are roughly 9.5’above the ground, and only about 12’ from waters edge.

I’m sure the danger is regarding the cables falling into the water, which these shouldn’t…



So if its more than 10’ away, I guess it just follows the other requirements, at 10’ above the sidewalk? This says 22.6" high, AND 10’ away horizontally…
So, according to that wording, it cant be directly over the pool anyways, so where does the requirement stop?

I assume it means anywhere within 10’ of pool has to be 22.6" high, which should be worded differntly, IMO


08_nj_nec_electrical_code.pdf (326.1 KB)


So based on Jeffrey’s post, you’d need 25 feet where I’ve drawn the arrows?

Do I have this right? Thanks for the post, it’s informative.

I think it means 22.5’ if it is within the 10’ horizontal measurement. (C is 10’)

Here is another link I found while googling, so it appears it would be ok, since this drop was about 12’ from the water horizontally… Which is why I think Internachi should change the wording of that graphic to AND/OR on the measurement.

. What are the clearance requirements for an overhead electric service drop that is directly over or near a swimming pool? (

I see. I was also looking at the wrong column. Still though, at 9.5 feet, it’s too low.

You’re correct, the graphic wording in post #2 is wrong. Once you go 10’ past the inside of the pool the 22.5’ height rule no longer applies. Regarding the 10’ vertical clearance over the sidewalk the NEC does not apply to service drops, that falls under the purview of the utility company. They should have similar clearances as part of their code the NESC.