Service Conductors--3 in from the mast-4 in the Main Panel

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Can you help me with this. I am relatively new and the gooseneck shows 3 conductors coming in from the power pole. But in the panel there are 4. White, Black, Red and Bare Neutral. Can someone explain this to me please. Thank you!!

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Thanks. So that helps. Are u still confused where the 4th conductor is coming from?

The multi strand aluminum is the grounding electrode conductor that terminates at meter socket.
The multi strand aluminium is Not the neutral.

FYI: The neutral must have a jacket, can not be bare.

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So is this ok? just a different way of doing it?

Yes, it’s a very common way to do it.

The Black and Red cables are the ungrounded “hot” conductors.
The White cable is the grounded conductor.
The bare aluminum is the grounding electrode conductor.

The grounding electrode conductor is permitted to terminate at any point on the line side of the disconnecting means, including the meter socket enclosure when it is determined to be accessible and when acceptable to the serving utility - 250.24(A)(1).

Thank you so much. It’s interesting here in this part of NW Missouri I’ve never seen this. Did a ‘favor’ inspection for a Realtor down at the Ozarks Lake 3 hours away and saw this. First time. Thanks for the guidance!!

There is something missing, since the panel has no main and is a MLO there must be a service disconnect between it and the drop. Also the conductors are not the same type. The bare aluminum is the EGC (equipment grounding conductor) run with the feeder to the panel.


What the heck is that?
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HI-There is a main disconnect. It is right out the door and behind this panel and in particular below the meter. Does this help?

So we are looking at a sub panel …
That clears it all up.

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The main disconnect has nothing in it but the disconnect. So then this would be termed a sub panel?

MLO is main lug only

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Anything pass the first point of disconnect.

Ok. I remember that now. Everybody who helped me on this thread THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

Next time show all panels.

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fyi–here is the other panel.

Yep ! The main.
If you would have opened it up you would have solved your question.


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Yes that helps explain why there are four conductors at the sub-panel.