Service Grounding with Pex

In new housing with plastic pex piping is it okay to ground the Service panel to the gas line as it exits the house?(normal Service grounding is to a copper water supply line)

Still NO ! And chances are, the gas line to the street is plastic anyway. Are you sure this isn’t just the bonding conductor?

“new housing” will generally have a UFER grounding system. Gas piping may not be used as the GEC.

Lightning will only strike once, in that scenario.

Trolling question?

Just use PVC conductors for your ground, plastic to plastic should work really well. If you can’t find any just use weed whacker cord, it’s almost as good, and will also provide a good plastic to plastic ground if the gas pipe is PVC too. :twisted:

On the serious side:

I usually see a ground wire leading from the panel into the basement floor.

I suspect there is a ground rod or plate under the concrete. I also see the gas pipe bonded to the panel.

Hope this helps


Doug, that is a UFER ground that Jeff mentioned above.

The above did not work for me try this one… Roy

Thank you Roy

Thanks Roy also.

Thanks I try to learn something every day:mrgreen: