Service Head

I know the SE cable is supposed to go through a water tight service head or a goose neck. I have written up these plastic service heads for not being water tight but I keep seeing them. Are they ok?

The drip loop in the wire does not extend down enough .
I expect nothing will get done but CYA . I also wonder about the Panels inside this looks to be a real old system . Do you have any pictures on them

Yeah it was a poor drip loop as well. What is CYA? It was a 60 amp system with solid aluminum wiring.

60 amp service with Aluminum wire I would recommend to them they budget for an immediate upgrade ,I would also say I think your insurance company will love you for this .

Real easy when you do not know some thing you can usually get the answer instantly from Google example CYA and up comes …

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I tell people when I am doing an inspection this will be in your report and I call it CRA they ask…and I…I say… (Cover Roy’s ***) and they have a chuckle but they know it is important and they need to know the info

I don’t know why you would write up a weatherhead that has been approved by a nationally registered testing agency as suitable for that usage.

Jim the point of the post is to find it if they are approved service head. Are you saying it is?

Yes, here is a link to one brand.

LOL thanks ROY

Jim why doesn’t it have to meet the weather tight requirement or how could I justify that it is weather tight?

Been like this for 50 + years

30 but should i still CMA? :wink:

The point of attachment is too high, it should be below the weatherhead. If the weatherhead is a listed fitting then it’s fine.

PB is a listed plumbing material and I still call it out.

I agree, and it should not go through the gutter also. ;):slight_smile:

well I will write that its all sorts of jacked up and it needs to be fixed. Its not going through the gutter though. Thats flashing you are seeing

Well, at 200x and a downspout right next to it, sure could have fooled me. :):smiley:

LOL it did fool you. Thanks for your help though.

The hood covers the top of the cable. Rain typically does not go up where I am from so I don’t see all the concern.

The anchor may have been set by the power company. I know the NEC calls for the POA to be lower than the weatherhead, but don’ t see an issue if the proper drip loop exists.


I have written up these plastic service heads for not being water tight you say, that one has a bird’s nest in it ;-).

Thanks Marcel. I was beginning to think I was wrong for writing them up