Service lateral - what am I missing?

OK so this is the second service lateral I’ve come across in recent days that I could not locate a grounding electrode. I thought there was still a requirement to have a driven ground rod or other means of grounding besides the conduit. Am I missing something? I feel like a newbie second guessing myself… Pic attached and yes the conduit was deflected and looked like it could come detached


There could be a ufer ground.

Some utilities do not allow grounding in the meter socket.

The connection of the GEC to the service neutral can be at any location between the service point and the location of the service disconnect. The connection is likely in the panel. As Jim pointed out many utilities specifically prohibit the connection in the meter enclosure so it usually goes in the service disconnect when that’s separate or in the panel when it contains the service disconnect.

Just my own information. Isn’t that meter to close to the ground for Michigan?

What is the age of the house?
I see lots of older homes here that just have a ground to a water pipe.

Did you see a grounding conductor at the panel?