Service Line

This Cutler Hammer has 2/0 Gauge supply with a 150 AMP Main Breaker.
Does anyone know if this is normal? the panel is original on an older double wide.


What do you mean is this normal. Going by memory, but if I am not loosing it… 2/0 is sufficient for the load.

I know the size is adequate for the load, 2/0 can carry the load. It’s a lot of capacity for such a small panel and 150 Amp main breaker.

What does the nameplate say about the bus size, is it at least 150 amps?

It says rated for 150

IS the breaker rated 150amps? Id think the most two or 3/4 inch 2 slot breakers are made for 125 amps, ie 150 amp versions are larger.

Is there a disconnect outside?

Must be an outside disconnect, as that panel shown is wired as a subpanel. I have seen 200A service for a MH before, so 150A is not that uncommon.

The pic is not great, but it looks like the neutral feed has been hot/discolored.

If the lugs are big enough, no problem with larger gauge conductors. In fact, if the current drain is near top end, it can be beneficial to have larger gauge as voltage drop is less. Downside… it cost more to install.

Other issue on your mind I guess is - panel rating and if 150A main is too large. Are there any labels or markings on panel. Looks like maybe about a 20 circuit panel.

Thanks for the input and yes there is a disconnect on the outside. All three conductors are discolored. Older Double Wide with PB plumbing, Outdated HVAC. Just wanted to make sure about the panel. The large conductors in the interior sub kind of threw me off.